Block, All-Purpose S40 Single Stand Up

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The Ronstan RF41140 Series 40 All Purpose Block Single Stand Up features a self-lubricating Acetal polymer sheave running on polished stainless steel race to perform equally well with dynamic loads and high static loads. For durability and a long service life, these blocks are the right choice for sheets, halyards and control line applications for cruising and racing. The Captive Lock universal head can be fixed in either of two planes, or free to swivel as required.

Ronstan RF41140 Series 40 All Purpose Block Single Stand Up Features:

  • U.V. stabilised Acetal sheaves
  • Impact and U.V. resistant, fibre reinforced Nylon cheeks
  • Grade 316 stainless steel bearing race
  • Grade 316 stainless steel load strap and head fitting
  • Exceptionally high working loads
  • Low maintenance, long service life
  • Self-lubricating sheave
  • Captive Lock universal head
  • Mount with 2 x 5mm (3/16') fasteners (not supplied)
  • Applications:
    • Mainsheet
    • Halyard
    • Vang
    • Spinnaker control lines on off-the-beach catamarans, one design classes and sportsboats up to 8m (26ft)

Ronstan RF41100 Series 40 All Purpose Block Single Specifications:

  • Sheave diameter: 40 mm
  • Max. Rope diameter: 10 mm
  • Pin diameter: 5.0 mm
  • M.W.L.: 400 kg
  • B. L.: 800 kg
  • Weight: 72 g